Disinfection Services


R Tech’s Maintenance services division offers hospital-grade disinfectant services to support homes, schools, corporate offices, stores, warehouses, hospitals, sports, and public facilities, Mosques to protect from the COVID-19 outbreak. As a leader in the disinfection industry, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art disinfection technology to assist in the fight against the global pandemic.

We deliver the highest level of decontamination services and adhere to all MOPH/WHO guidelines and Qatar clean program. We pride in the ability of our well trained team to deliver disinfection/sanitization services at the quickest speed and best price.

We use only approved WHO/MOPH registered disinfectants to carry out our disinfectant services. At R Tech maintenance services, our ultimate goal is to keep you safe and healthy by making sure we offer the best in class services. We use high-quality persistent disinfectants that will remain effective on your surfaces after it has dried. Our strict cleaning procedures will help you significantly reduce the risk of transmission or cross-infection of the virus in your home or workplace.

We are known for our ability to respond immediately and deliver our disinfection services in state of Qatar with minimal disruption to your business or home. We can help you clean all surfaces and bring any form of epidemic under control in the shortest possible time. Our sanitizing services in Qatar are available 24x7. If there is an emergency, we can move in the same day to get situation under control.



Our electrostatic delivery systems atomize the disinfecting agent with high-pressurized air. The droplets pass an electrode that magnetically charges the mist with negative-ions. This process causes the spray to seek out and wrap around all touch points and grounded room surfaces for 360° coverage.

Effective & Efficient delivery

proven protection
50% Faster Application
60% Less Chemical Usage
Complete 360° Coverage

Non-toxic disinfectant

natural & effective biocide
Kills 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses
Safe for Food Contact Surfaces
Sustainable & Environment Safe


We understand that a disease outbreak is a very critical situation and that the health of you and your loved ones are at risk. Our pandemic cleaning and sanitization service is designed to keep your facilities and help you maintain a hygienic environment.

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